Welcome to the X Percebes Festival in Vila do Bispo, Portugal!

Every year, in the charming municipality of Vila do Bispo, one of the most anticipated events for food lovers and maritime culture enthusiasts takes place: the Percebes Festival. This festival, which honors the barnacle, one of the most prized and delicious shellfish of the Atlantic, brings locals and visitors together in a unique celebration of flavor, tradition, and community.

An Atlantic Delicacy

The barnacle, known for its intense flavor and unique texture, is the undisputed star of this festival. Harvested from the roughest and most wave-beaten rocks of the Atlantic, its collection is a hard and dangerous task, making it an even more valued delicacy. The “percebeiros,” expert fishermen, risk their lives to bring us this treasure from the sea, and during the festival, we can appreciate and savor the fruit of their labor.

Gastronomy and Tradition

The Percebes Festival is not just a celebration of shellfish but an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich culture and tradition of Vila do Bispo. For several days, the town center transforms into a bustling market where food stalls offer perfectly cooked fresh barnacles, alongside other seafood delicacies and local products.

Activities for Everyone

The Percebes Festival is a celebration for the whole family. Besides the gastronomic offerings, there are activities for children, traditional music and folklore performances, and craft workshops. Visitors can participate in cooking contests, learn about sustainable fishing and the history of barnacle harvesting, and enjoy live shows that enliven the streets and squares of Vila do Bispo.

A Must-Attend Event

If you love good food and maritime culture, the Percebes Festival in Vila do Bispo is an event you can’t miss. It’s a unique opportunity to taste fresh barnacles straight from the Atlantic, meet the brave “percebeiros,” and enjoy the hospitality and charm of this beautiful region of Portugal.

Come and discover why the Percebes Festival is one of Portugal’s most beloved food festivals!

Event Details

  • Date: June 7,8 and 9
  • Location: Vila do Bispo, Algarve, Portugal
  • Activities: Tasting of barnacles and seafood, culinary demonstrations, children’s activities, live music, workshops, and more.

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